Academic Policies


The course of study at John F. Kennedy High School is contained in the Curriculum Guide, which can be obtained from the guidance counselor.


Students in Secondary I, II and III are expected to have one and one half-hours (1 1/2) of homework per night. Students in Secondary IV and V are expected to have two hours (2) of homework per night. Parents should understand that homework includes reading and research as well as written assignments.

Physical Education Program

Participation in the Physical Education Program is compulsory for all students. If there is a medical reason that prevents a student from participating in the program, the parent must submit to the principal a medical certificate describing the particular situation. Students are required to wear the physical education uniform while participating in physical education class. All students are to have a lock for the gym/pool locker for their personal belongings. Valuables are to be left in their regular school locker. The school cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Promotion Policy

Secondary 1 to Secondary V

In general, promotion is on a subject-by-subject basis. If a student fails two or more of the major subjects and does not attain these courses in summer school; he/she may be required to repeat the year.

As of May 1, 2010 the Minister shall award a Secondary School Diploma to students who earn at least 54 credits at the Secondary IV or V level. Among those credits, there must be at least 20 credits at the Secondary V level and

  • 6 credits in Secondary V English
  • 4 credits in Secondary V French Second Language
  • 4 credits in Secondary IV Mathematics
  • 4 credits in Secondary IV Science and Technology or
  • 6 credits in Secondary IV Applied Science and Technology
  • 4 credits in Secondary IV History and Citizenship Education
  • 2 credits in Secondary IV Arts Education
  • 2 credits in Secondary V Ethics and Religious Culture or Physical Education and Health

All programs of studies in general education in compulsory or elective subjects passed during the second cycle of secondary school will be taken into consideration in the awarding of the Secondary School Diploma.

Report Cards

Students will receive computerized report cards in November, February, and June. If you do not receive a report card for each term, please contact the office.

Absences From Examinations

Students who are absent on the days of evaluations or examination will receive a mark of zero.

  • Examinations take place the second week back from the Christmas break. (between January 8th and 18th) and throughout the month of June.
  • Evaluations take place throughout the month of May.
  • It is imperative that students not miss school during these crucial times. Students who are late for an examination will not be given any extra time. Students who arrive more than one-half hour late for an examination will not be permitted to write the examination.

Course Changes

Ordinarily, no changes in a student’s schedule will be made after school opening, except in the case of conflicts in the scheduling or failures.

Plagiarism and Cheating

Plagiarism and cheating of any form is unacceptable. Students are to submit original work only. The teaching staff and administration will deal with such cases accordingly.