Principals’ Message

… A small school …with a big heart … is what JFK is all about!

Dear John F. Kennedy Families; current, new and website visitors,
Welcome to the John F. Kennedy High School Website.

I am Libby Amato, principal at John F. Kennedy High School.  It is my belief that children deserve a quality education and have access to all learning opportunities. My vision is to continue to build an ideal school environment where students feel safe, comfortable, challenged and engaged in class(whether that is in person or online).

Students and staff will celebrate core values and each other. Teachers will feel supported in their teachings and inspired to try new things. At John F. Kennedy, we have high expectations in the classroom and around our school /community.  We encourage students to strive to be the best that they can be!!

This is my 18th year as an administrator for the EMSB.  I am proud to say that I am an Alumni of John F. Kennedy High School. I have come full circle, back to the place that I loved learning as a young girl I, but now in a new role. A role that gives me the possibility of taking this learning community to higher standards. A role that allows me to serve the students and provide them with essentials that inspire them to feel validated and feel a true sense of belonging.

I am proud to be the Principal of John F. Kennedy High School.

At John F. Kennedy High School, we strive to maintain a safe and learning environment for our students, one that is conducive to learning and academic success. Our success with our students is achieved only through the collaboration and hard work of the entire school community.

Our team of teachers and professionals collaborate to guide and support our students through a rich learning environment where all students feel safe to explore, discover and grow to become independent thinkers and learners.

We aim to turn dreams into achievements and prepare John F. Kennedy  students for life-long learning. Together we form a strong partnership to ensure all JFK r students receive an exceptional education. With Governing Board, we will work together to help our students face the challenges and celebrate the accomplishments

To keep you informed about all the good things happening at JFK, I encourage you to frequently visit and explore our website.

Come discover a team of teachers, professionals, parents, and students that are proud to be part of a vibrant learning community that fosters personal academic success and self-esteem.

I look forward to working with you this school year and many to come.

Here is to an AWESOME and SUCCESSFUL year TOGETHER!!!

Let’s go KNIGHTS!!!

“The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday” . (Unknown) 

Libby Amato