At John F. Kennedy High School, we have two fully equipped Mac labs which allows us to offer each level advanced courses in Multimedia and computer technology.

Integrated Arts (Secondary 1) Integrated or Media Arts is a means of expressing a specific message (or messages) to a targeted audience. Many techniques and programs are used to create and combine words, symbols, and images to make a visual statement of ideas and messages. Common projects in Integrated Arts include making logos, magazines, comic books, advertisements and posters.

Integrated Arts at the Sec 2 level combines the skills learned in Art class and applies them to computer based projects. We will be mainly focussing on what animation is and how it works. Units of study will be basic cel animation, 2D Animation, stop-motion animation, flip books, computer animation (including programming), and claymation. Equipment that will be used is Cameras, tripods, and light tables, and software will include Frame-by-Frame, I-movie, GoAnimate, and others.

Multimedia at the Sec 3 level focusses on photography. We will be looking at the history of photography from the early days of invention to the present. We will study famous photographers and try to imitate their work. We will learn about compositional concepts as well  as angles, lighting, types of shots and editing. One editing software that will be learned is Pixelstyle but others will be used as well. We will also examine the new “selfie” phenomenon and incorporate it in our learning.

On the days that weather permits, we will be outside putting into practice what was learned and transferring the photos onto the computer to edit and create a portfolio. From there, we will showcase our work to the school.

The Secondary 4 class will be focused on creating projects to communicate a message to a specific audience and reading the messages the society is trying to send to us as an audience. The focus in this course is looking at the media around us and learning how to create and influence others much like advertisements, magazines and films influence society.

At first this included newspapers, posters, radio and music. Nowadays it extends even further to include the distribution news and entertainment across such things as television, the internet and film.

Throughout the majority of our course, students use the programs iMovie, Garage Band and Final Cut.

The Secondary 5 Media will be the continuation of the Media Course in Secondary 4. Aside from iMovie and Final Cut, students will be using the same programs as in the previous year to create new pieces of media and take an in depth look at Film Studies. The main focus this year will discuss film theory, film history and modern television.