WOTP is one of the special programs offered by JFK

WOTP (Work Oriented Training Pathways)

WOTP stands for Work Oriented Training Pathways, an alternative course of study which allows students who have experienced difficulties in the past to find success again in school. One of the main goals of the WOTP is to expose students to as many different skills, vocations, trades, and potential courses of study so that students can find the path that best suits them. Another element of the program involves learning to work: how to prepare for life in the workplace, how to find work and succeed at retaining it, and how to develop the skills and attitude necessary for success in work and in life.

The program is involved in a number of special projects and initiatives including a healthy cooking program, an art program and community service and volunteer work component. Students of the WOTP go on to find success in a wide variety of fields and areas.

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