Develop skills in writing, producing, filming, and editing...

JFK Clubs

Film Club

Develop skills in writing, filming, and editing.

Film Club is a project open to all students in any level at John F. Kennedy High School carried out in association with Youth Fusion and is financially supported by the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities.

The goals of Film Club is to:

  1. Provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in writing, producing, filming, and editing.
  2. Provide students who are interested in careers in broadcasting, film production and journalism the opportunity to participate in an activity that would develop the necessary skills they would need to pursue their future goals.
  3. Provide students the opportunity to collaborate with each other on a project and promote school spirit.

Students at JFK throughout the school year to make a short film of 3 minutes on specific theme. The films were presented in the official competition Gala in May at a Cineplex movie theatre on the island of Montreal followed by an awards ceremony similar to the Oscars.

From scriptwriting to editing, the students got to work with a university film student and one of our Multimedia teachers who teach them about the creative process and how films are made. They give the students not only their expertise but also guide them on how to transmit powerful and creative messages through film.

Art Club

For students seeking a creative outlet

Do you have a passion and interest for the arts? Would you like to work on the Special art projects around the school? The JFK art club if for you!

Art club is held every DAY 3,6 and 9 at lunchtime in Mr. Canuel’s classroom (C-119)

Robotics Club

Preparation for the technological workforce in the 12st century

The Robotics Club boosts team work among students of all grade levels which creates wonderful connections and friendships.

The Club facilitates critical thinking and problem solving while applying Science and Math principals.  It also integrates reading and writing, presentation skills as well as research and creativity.

Jobs in the STEAM field are the fastest growing careers in today’s technology-driven world and at JFK we strongly believe that involving students in Robotics prepares them for the workplace of the 21st century.

Cooking Club