Discipline Policies and Procedures


Attendance is compulsory. Absence is permitted only in the case of illness or (a) religious holiday. In all cases, upon return to school, the student must have a dated note of explanation, written and signed by a parent or guardian. This note must give a reason for the absence. Parents are encouraged to use the Agenda Book for absence notes. A dated note must be written even if the school has been notified of the absence by telephone.

Since there is a direct relationship between attendance and learning, we make every effort to exert rigid attendance control procedures. Students are responsible for being in school and in classrooms punctually.

Student Timetable

Period:  1 8:35 – 9:50

Recess:  9:50 – 10:10

Period:  2 10:10 – 11:25

Period:  3 11:28 – 12:43

Lunch:  12:43 – 13:32

Period:  4 13:35 – 14:50



Students are advised not to bring valuables, large sums of money or expensive items to school.

Students are responsible for the safekeeping of their own belongings.

The school cannot be held responsible for valuables or money stolen.

Electronic Devices

Cell phones, iPods and any other electronic device may be used ONLY in La Place and the Cafeteria Area. The usage of electronic devices is strictly prohibited in any classroom. This includes all SMART WATCHES, which will be prohibited during exams.

The administration reserves the right to confiscate the electronic devices if used in the restricted areas.

Parents are asked NOT to PHONE or TEXT their child.

All emergency calls must be made to the office. (514-374-1449).

Substance Abuse

John F. Kennedy High School will not tolerate the use and/or possession of alcohol or drugs at school or at any school activity. The possession or use of illegal substances is prohibited and will be subject to suspensions and/or expulsion.

The possession of or threats to use prohibited weapons or replicas is not tolerated and will result in confiscation and an immediate suspension and further procedures upon investigation.

The administration, upon serious suspicion, proceed with a locker search for the safety and security of everyone. Finding drugs or weapons will result in an immediate suspension pending further action.

Other Important Disciplinary Notes

Chronic disruptive behavior that prevents the learning or teaching process will not be tolerated and is subject to suspension.

The use of foul or obscene language will not be tolerated anywhere in the school or on the premises and is subject to suspension.

Skipping of classes will not be tolerated and is subject to extended detentions and / or suspension.

A parent or guardian meeting will follow suspensions. A suspension letter will also be provided. Students on suspension are not permitted on school property before, during and after school.

Detentions are to be served, after school, on the day they are issued. Unserved detentions will result in the loss of privileges and/or suspension.
Food/beverages are not permitted in the classrooms.


Each student is loaned a hall locker during the school year and is asked to purchase a LOCK that he/she may use throughout their stay at JFK. Staff members may examine these lockers when the Principal considers it necessary.

As one might expect, theft does occur. In most cases, a lock has been left unlocked, or a lock combination traded with friends, written on notebooks, schedule cards or on the locker itself. The victims are usually the younger students; the older ones have learned to be careful. The locker is not a safe place for cash or valuables. The loss of students’ belongings is not covered by any form of insurance held by the school. Students are encouraged not to bring valuables to school.


In accordance with BILL 112, John F. Kennedy High School will prohibit smoking within 9 meters of the school entrances or anywhere on school grounds. Non-compliance is subject to suspension and / or fine.

Recess and Lunch Time

All students are required to remain on the school premises during recess. Secondary 3 – 5 students are permitted to leave school grounds during lunchtime, but Secondary 1-2 students MUST have parental permission to leave.


Students who are not participating in an after school activity, a tutorial or serving a detention must leave the building by 3:15 p.m. and not linger in the school. Dismissal for students in detention is 3:45

School Closing

In case of very bad weather, the English and French radio stations will announce if schools will be closed. The school will also use the mass notification system for any school closure announcements. If our school or school board is not mentioned, you will be required to attend school that day.

School Supplies

You are responsible for the purchase of school supplies as indicated by your subject teachers.

Lost and Found

Lost articles, which have been turned in, may be picked up at the main office. If you find something, do not keep it. Do not leave it lying there. Make someone happy and return it to the main office.