Spiritual Animation

The Spiritual and Community Animation Service facilitates progress in the spiritual life of students through regular program activities which encourage deeper understanding, meaningful reflection and community involvement. The work of the Spiritual and Community Animator covers the scope of religions, cultures, philosophies and ethical concerns that our diverse school populations bring to the education experience. One such program event is Spirit Quest, which is a recognition of a spiritual journey, developing spiritual awareness and acceptance and understanding of others on the part of students. These kinds of events helps students understand more about the diversity of spiritual practice in the world around them, as well as to tap into their own guiding practice or spiritual background.

Spiritual and Community Animators also provide promotion and prevention programming promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle and a peaceful school environment. As part of this work, we provide in-class programming on a wide range of cultural, ethical, spiritual and communal issues including some of the religious observances of different faiths, celebrations of common days like Thanksgiving, Earth Day and U.N. Day; universal themes like Light, Hope, Peace, Compassion; and communal themes like Black History month, First Nations Day, and Yom HaShoah.

We also offer a variety of programs aimed at helping students be better local and global citizens through offerings in areas of Character Development, Random Acts of Kindness, Anti-Violence, Moral Intelligence, Leadership and Transitioning to Secondary School. In an era of instant messaging and immediate gratification, one of the hallmarks of Spiritual Animators lies in our encouraging students to “go deeper” into the currents of the “Why?” questions of our day.

Ambassadors for Change